What makes your heart ache? Is it a starving child, a poor widow, or some other area of great need? The challenges found in the areas we serve often seem insurmountable. And yet, when we work together, we can impact one village at a time and then another. We can offer tangible ways for you to make a significant and sustainable impact to help those in great need and take steps to alleviate the chronic cycle of poverty.


Give to a specific project or “Humanitarian Care” and we will direct it where needed most.



Build a simple online campaign, share with your friends, and help fundraise to alleviate poverty.

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Use your skills to make a difference! We have many ways you can serve in our offices or on the field.

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Service Trips are available various times of the year. Find a trip and join one of our teams. It changes you!

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Our Strategic Partners Circle brings together like-minded leaders and change-makers to meet the needs of the poor.

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We have a holistic approach in the communities we serve and leaders ready to help their communities.

Alleviating Poverty by Improving Healthcare

Poverty and poor health are linked, creating a cycle that is difficult to break. We offer immediate help to those who are sick and suffering as well as resources for a healthier and sustainable future. Multiple times a year Petros Network takes medical and dental teams to mentor community health members and to provide free medical services for the poor. The TESFA Center also includes an ongoing medical clinic for destitute women and children. Most of the people we meet have severe health problems and have never seen a medical professional because the cost is too great.

Alleviating Poverty by Feeding Families

When you are poor and starving, hope begins with a meal. Help fight hunger and poverty by feeding an ultra poor family today. We provide emergency relief but focus our attention on creating sustainable and lucrative farming options. With the help of generous donors Petros Network also supports a children’s feeding program for just $10 a month per child. This small monthly gift provides a hot lunch during school.

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Alleviating Poverty by Providing Clean Water

Water is one of our most basic needs as human beings, yet it is the number one cause of death in the areas we serve. Clean water, sanitation, and hygiene go hand-in-hand to save lives and transform villages. We provide Water Pasteurization Indicators (WAPI) to all of our village leaders and are looking for funding and partners to provide water for every village we serve.

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Alleviating Poverty by Building Character Through Sports

Research shows physical activities are powerful in helping youth to build self-confidence and learn to view themselves and their potential in new ways. Sport opportunities are available for elite athletes and athletically minded people for competitions, clinics, and other city-wide events.

Alleviating Poverty by building homes and facilities

Petros Network’s HOPE Builders provides leadership and hands-on construction expertise to pastors, missionaries, churches and other non-profits for mission-critical building projects in an international context.

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